Thursday, March 7, 2013

So.  Been Awhile.  Blew the dust off the old Blog here and coming direct from my new home in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin! Taken a lot of photos since the last entry on here.  Shot a lot of bands...weddings..and sunsets.  Did some traveling and made some life changes.  Anywho it has been a LONG Winter as we all know here in Wisconsin.  And being in a new location I have had a chance to shoot some great photos.  Also since the last entry I have started using a new site to sell prints of my art.  All sorts of stuff you can order. Prints Framed or not. Gallery wraps. Even cards.  All of it mailed right to you.  Not to shabby. Check it out.

Hope to update this Blog more then oh..lets say..the last 2 years!:) 

So here are a few pictures I have done up in the good ole Door County.  Enjoy!