Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hawaii part two

Volcom Pipehouse during the Volcom Pipeline Pro.

Got alot of chances to watch surfing while camping on the North Shore. Huge swells. Saw big wave surfing at Waimea Bay ( 30 to 40 foot waves) all the way to surf competitions on the Pipe and Sunset Beach. Alot of fun and a place I would love to spend all my winters! Anyone need a photographer?!

Waimea Bay

Rob Machado

Sunny Garcia

Da Pipeline. Car outside the Volcom house.

Pipeline looking toward Off The Wall

Jack Johnson and family...

Jamie O'Brien at the Volcom Pipeline Pro

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hawaii part one.

Besides the wonderful friends I have in Hawaii...there are so many unreal and beautiful places to go while there...and I am not talking Waikiki beach. I am no expert just a guy lucky enough to have gone there a few times. I have only been to Oahu and The Big Island, but have gotten to go multiple times. I will show you some photos..mainly from my last trip..of some of the things that were super fun to do there. The first week we rented a house on Lanikai Beach which was amazing. Lanikai and Kailua is a very cool area. Way more low key then Honolulu and Waikiki. Good places to eat and hang out and nice beautiful beaches. If renting a house on Oahu for vacation I would look in this area or North Shore.

The second week me and two friends camped at a campground on Oahu's famous North Shore.
We just happened to be there during some of the biggest swells the North Shore had ever seen. 30 to 40 foot waves. It was amazing. Here is photos from out campsite.

Both places were wonderful base camps to go out and explore the island. the camp ground was called Malaekahana and was located just outside of the old sugar town of Kahuku. It is about 15 minutes or so from Pipeline and Sunset beach. They have many different camping options from tent site to grass shacks to yurts. All of it located directly on the beach. Not a bad deal! I would highly recommend checking this place out to stay. Saves you alot of money. They have hot showers, toilets and the gate locks every night and opens the next morning. Not to mention you have a beach all to yourself 3 steps from your grass shack!

Also on the North Shore near Sunset Beach check out Ted Bakery( must stop for a great breakfast sandwich....and who knows who you will run into!

Terry O'Quinn who plays John Locke on LOST.

One of the coolest things we did was a hike to Maunawili falls. I did not bring the camera on the hike as we did not bring anything you did not want to get wet. Thank you Brian for taking us there! Here are some pics and info here.

Another beautiful place...and one of my favorite beaches on Oahu is the beach infront of what is commonly known as Magnum PIs house..the actual house and beach from the TV series. Its a little off the beaten path beach so not alot of people and its BEAUTIFUL and calm. good for small children. Thats my buddy Mark in all the photos...

Now Waikiki is great. Lots of good places to eat..places to go out. But its just a big city...and you can go to a big city back home. I will say sunset there is beautiful..and the city lights with diamond head in the background are pretty neat!

Pearl Harbor. USS Arizona Memorial. I have been there 3 times now...and every time is just as moving as the last. Its amazing. I recommend anyone who is there to go. Get there early..beat the lines. Do the audio tour. Its worth it. Its amazing how as you board the boat to go to the memorial..and as you walk into the memorial..everyone is quiet. Its emotional.

I also have to give a shout out to 12th Ave Grill where my friend Jacci works. The food is stellar. Service is great. Just a all around cool place. I recommend it highly if you go to Honolulu.

Thats all for now. I will do another one of these as well coming up. Stay tuned!